Social Media

TwitterWhy. That’s one of our favorite words at Rice Communications. “Like us on Facebook.” “Follow us on Twitter.” “Circle us on Google+.” Why? It’s all shiny and fun and friendly, but why do it? The fact is, there are solid business reasons for getting involved in social media, and we’ll help you determine how a social media presence can help you reach your unique goals.

Social media sites are just another form of connection. Maintaining and nurturing your relationship with current customers and connecting with potential customers has always been your goal (hasn’t it?) — and the social media channels are a natural place for that to happen. People join social media sites not only to stay in touch with people they care about, but also to feel connected to brands they support and causes that are important to them. Users want to read about things that matter, and they want to recommend those things to others. You don’t want to be left out of the conversation.

Yes, it’s a little overwhelming. (This is just between us, but we do this for a living and it sometimes knocks our socks off.) But here’s the thing. Not everyone needs to do everything all the time. Rice Communications can help you figure out where your best customers are in the social media space, and we’ll guide you in creating a customized social media marketing plan that works for you.

Why should you do it, and why should people connect with your business? Let’s answer those questions together.

Rice Communications offers the following Social Media services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Training and Development
  • Market / Keyword Research
  • Social Media Management / Ongoing Consulting
  • Social Media Monitoring