Training and Coaching

Reporter questionNo matter what you do in terms of marketing communications, your goal is to get noticed — but sometimes getting noticed can be a little intimidating. Suppose a reporter calls and wants to interview you about a new product, or you’re booked as a guest on a popular talk show. With the right training, you’ll be well-equipped to tell your story persuasively in print, online, or live on camera.

Media training isn’t just for top executives in big companies. Quite the opposite, really. There are more media outlets now than ever before, and all of them need compelling content and good sources. If you have positioned yourself as a credible expert, or your business has an interesting story to tell, you need to be ready for that call. Rice Communications can help you develop the poise you need to stay on message and communicate effectively in virtually any situation, including a crisis.

In addition to traditional media coaching, we also offer training sessions in a wide range of marketing communication disciplines. These flexible workshops are an especially good alternative for small businesses for whom hiring a communications manager or retaining a consultant just aren’t viable options. If you need to learn what it takes to handle basic public relations on your own, manage your social media presence, or spend your advertising dollars wisely, give us a call. We can customize a training program for the needs of your business.

Rice Communications offers the following Training and Coaching services:

  • Pre-Interview Coaching
  • Press Conference Preparation
  • Crisis Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Workshops
  • Public Relations for Small Business
  • Developing Your Marketing Communications Plan