Publicity/Personal Branding

Be a recognized thought leaderThe emergence of personal branding is one of the most game-changing apects of the social web. If you want to be seen as a top talent or thought leader in your area of expertise, you no longer have to wait for traditional media to come knocking to give you your big break. You can exert influence over how you are perceived. You can take control of the both the medium and the message to craft a brand that uniquely represents you, and Rice Communications can help you make it happen.

You probably have some idea of what a publicist does for celebrities or authors, but strategic publicity can work for a business owner, inventor, professional, executive, or anyone else who has a story to tell and would like to get in front of people to tell it. A strong personal brand will give you a strategic edge in the marketplace and can position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Yes, YOU.

Even if this whole concept is new to you, Rice Communications can help get you started. We’ll work with you to find your voice and then develop a strategic plan to tell your story. We can also work with authors, broadcasters, entertainers, and athletes — either directly or in conjunction with your representation — to manage traditional publicity needs and online presence.

We offer the following Publicity/Personal Branding services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Press Tours
  • Media Training
  • Media Events / Book Signings
  • Social Media Development
  • Crisis Planning and Management
  • Bio / Press Kit Content Development