Needed: Business Development Specialist

Rice Communications has an immediate need for an energetic and passionate Business Development Specialist to help us bring game-changing branding and communication consulting services to market. This person will be responsible for defining new business opportunities, researching prospects, developing target customer lists, and reaching out to potential clients utilizing both traditional and digital channels.

The right person for this position will have a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. He or she will be organized, responsible, and responsive, with excellent writing and presentation skills. The key to success will be the ability to balance creativity and marketing expertise with strong traditional sales skills like networking, cold calling, and closing. The Business Development Specialist will serve as the liaison between the Rice Communications and the client throughout the sales cycle.

Direct client contact and relationship building will be a daily requirement. As this position comes with a great deal of flexibility, the successful candidate must be exceptionally motivated and disciplined. Electronic communication will be an integral part of the job, so a high degree of comfort with technology is essential. Impeccable integrity is a non-negotiable requirement.

This is a six-month contract (1099) assignment, with potential for permanent placement for the right candidate. Compensation will be commission-based.

Are you the person we’re searching for? If so, send an email to telling us why, and include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

OnMessage Brand Intensives

Many businesses need guidance from a communications specialist to develop or reboot their branding and messaging efforts, but they might not be ready to retain a consultant long-term. We developed the OnMessageTM Brand Intensive specifically to meet that need. This is a concentrated session of analysis and planning designed to create a strategic communication roadmap with specific action steps and clear goals. It is intended for businesses that have some level of internal marketing support to help them implement the plan.

The OnMessage Brand Intensive includes a series of on-site meetings and workshops, facilitated by a Rice Communications senior consultant, to be held over the course of two business days. Preliminary research is conducted in order to compile an agenda for the intensive that is customized to the specific needs and goals of the business. The agenda will be delivered one week in advance.

The purpose of the OnMessage Brand Intensive is to critique current marketing communication efforts, identify areas for growth and improvement, evaluate internal resources and provide training in key skills, and develop an action plan to address immediate goals for defining and promoting the brand. Three days after the intensive, the client will receive an in-depth report summarizing the event, detailing the objectives achieved and knowledge gained, and outlining recommended action items.

An OnMessage Brand Intensive should be booked four to six weeks in advance, and availability is limited.

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Our team

Cheryl Rice, Principal

Cheryl has worked in media and marketing for nearly three decades, dating back to her first television job in college. She began her career as a writer and producer of TV commercials, station promotions, and local programming, and after stints in promotion management at stations in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Connecticut, she transitioned to corporate marketing communications. Over the next several years, she was responsible for developing strategic marketing programs for prominent Connecticut-based businesses including Kaman Industrial Technologies and Loctite Corporation. Her experience on both the client side and the media side gives Cheryl a unique insight into the priorities of both. Developing communication strategies that bridge that gap is now her specialty.

She holds a degree in Broadcasting from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and she has also completed post-graduate coursework in Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Hartford. She lives in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


Work With Us

We are always interested in connecting with complementary businesses that can help us bring customized communication solutions to our clients. In addition to these strategic partnerships, we are actively looking for a Business Development Specialist to help us expand our client base and bring a new slate of services to market. Want to learn more? Check out the description here.



Strategic Partners

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What IS public relations, anyway?

Public Relations (or PR) is the strategic management of information and how it is communicated. The goal of PR is to provide information that’s beneficial both for the audience (because it gives them something interesting, informative, or entertaining) and the source (because it builds credibility and goodwill). Successful public relations improves reputation and increases visibility for businesses or individuals.

Traditional media management, including press releases and story pitches, is still a component of most PR plans, but the development of online content – like blogs, videos, and social media posts – is becoming increasingly important in communication and branding. Public relations is usually considered to be part of a broader sales-focused marketing plan, and it should be developed to complement paid advertising and other marketing efforts.

This is what we do.

Rice Communications specializes in helping businesses and individuals craft compelling stories about their products and services, and then we utilize our media expertise to get those stories in front of the people who need to see them. Whether your target audience gets its information from traditional news outlets, trade or business publications, online sources, or any combination, we have the skills and experience to develop a strategic communication plan to increase your profile and grow your business.

We are a public relations, publicity, and marketing communications consulting firm based in West Hartford, Connecticut. Rice Communications primarily serves clients in greater New York City and southern New England, but we can provide consulting and/or training sessions to businesses anywhere.

Interested in the services we can provide your business? Read more here.

Public Relations

Press ConferenceGetting the right message in front of the right audience to create the right impression doesn’t just happen by accident. Effective public relations is the result of strategic planning and consistent effort. Rice Communications will guide you through the ever-changing and often-intimidating media landscape, to help you engage the people you need to reach in order to be successful.

A good PR campaign will shape how you and your business are perceived in the marketplace. It begins with a solid plan that outlines what you want to achieve, who needs to hear your message, and, most importantly, what that message needs to be. Rice Communications can create a comprehensive plan to build your brand image and tell your story in the most persuasive way possible.

We also recognize our responsibility to serve the journalistic community as a dependable source of information and expert analysis. Our goal is to provide journalists, both traditional and new media, with compelling and appropriate stories for their audiences, trustworthy background information on topics of interest, and leading experts who can lend depth and insight to their reporting.

When done right, solid public relations serves the needs of both clients and journalists with integrity. At Rice Communications, we accept nothing less.

The following Public Relations services are available both on a per-project and retained basis:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Copywriting/Content Development
  • Crisis Planning and Management
  • Media Training
  • Media Events/Press Conferences
  • Social Media Development
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution

Interested in learning more about what we can do for your business? Just ask!

Publicity/Personal Branding

Be a recognized thought leaderThe emergence of personal branding is one of the most game-changing apects of the social web. If you want to be seen as a top talent or thought leader in your area of expertise, you no longer have to wait for traditional media to come knocking to give you your big break. You can exert influence over how you are perceived. You can take control of the both the medium and the message to craft a brand that uniquely represents you, and Rice Communications can help you make it happen.

You probably have some idea of what a publicist does for celebrities or authors, but strategic publicity can work for a business owner, inventor, professional, executive, or anyone else who has a story to tell and would like to get in front of people to tell it. A strong personal brand will give you a strategic edge in the marketplace and can position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Yes, YOU.

Even if this whole concept is new to you, Rice Communications can help get you started. We’ll work with you to find your voice and then develop a strategic plan to tell your story. We can also work with authors, broadcasters, entertainers, and athletes — either directly or in conjunction with your representation — to manage traditional publicity needs and online presence.

We offer the following Publicity/Personal Branding services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Press Tours
  • Media Training
  • Media Events / Book Signings
  • Social Media Development
  • Crisis Planning and Management
  • Bio / Press Kit Content Development

Creative Services

design for brandingA credible and persuasive message isn’t just about what you say. It’s about how you say it. You need solid copywriting that is crafted to influence, and visual images that create a positive and memorable impression. Rice Communications will not only help you develop your strategic direction, but we’ll also put that plan into action with a range of creative services that bring concepts into reality.

We recognize that your traditional marketing communications materials need to work hand-in-hand with your web presence to support your overall branding efforts. When it all works together — print collateral, logo design, advertising, web content — it creates a powerful image that can position your business ahead of the competition in the minds of your target audience.

Credibility. Memorability. Results. That’s what good creative is about.

Rice Communications can support a wide range of creative needs for our clients. We can work as a part of your team (whether that’s with your internal marketing staff or in conjunction with your advertising agency) to help create content that will your reinforce your strategic message. Or, if you are a smaller company without other internal or external resources, we’ll get it all done for you.

Creative services we offer at Rice Communications include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design and Implementation
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Development
  • Print Collateral (Brochures, Mailers, Catalogs)
  • Advertising (Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor)
  • Video Production

Brand Strategy

What is a brand?What is a brand, really? Is it a logo, a slogan, or maybe a packaging design? A brand may include all those things, but we believe there’s more to it. Your brand is the sum total of all the things that give you distinction in the marketplace. Your look. Your voice. Your personality (yes, your business has one). Your brand is how people perceive you, and getting branding right can move you from the back of the pack to top of mind.

Developing your brand involves finding the elements of your business that distinguish you from your competitors. It’s not about coming up with a catchy tagline or a cute logo; in fact, trying to do those things before you truly understand your brand can be downright deadly. Rice Communications will get you started with a brand strategy that will guide your marketing and public relations efforts, creating an image that resonates with the people you want to reach.

And it isn’t all about marketing. When a brand strategy is solid, it has the potential to direct your decision-making process throughout your organization and become the cornerstone of your business culture. Your brand can represent your organization’s shared vision, driving every member of your team toward a common goal.

Our process for developing your Brand Strategy includes the following services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Brand Definition
  • Online Brand Engagement / Social Media
  • Logo Development
  • Copywriting

Social Media

TwitterWhy. That’s one of our favorite words at Rice Communications. “Like us on Facebook.” “Follow us on Twitter.” “Circle us on Google+.” Why? It’s all shiny and fun and friendly, but why do it? The fact is, there are solid business reasons for getting involved in social media, and we’ll help you determine how a social media presence can help you reach your unique goals.

Social media sites are just another form of connection. Maintaining and nurturing your relationship with current customers and connecting with potential customers has always been your goal (hasn’t it?) — and the social media channels are a natural place for that to happen. People join social media sites not only to stay in touch with people they care about, but also to feel connected to brands they support and causes that are important to them. Users want to read about things that matter, and they want to recommend those things to others. You don’t want to be left out of the conversation.

Yes, it’s a little overwhelming. (This is just between us, but we do this for a living and it sometimes knocks our socks off.) But here’s the thing. Not everyone needs to do everything all the time. Rice Communications can help you figure out where your best customers are in the social media space, and we’ll guide you in creating a customized social media marketing plan that works for you.

Why should you do it, and why should people connect with your business? Let’s answer those questions together.

Rice Communications offers the following Social Media services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Training and Development
  • Market / Keyword Research
  • Social Media Management / Ongoing Consulting
  • Social Media Monitoring

Training and Coaching

Reporter questionNo matter what you do in terms of marketing communications, your goal is to get noticed — but sometimes getting noticed can be a little intimidating. Suppose a reporter calls and wants to interview you about a new product, or you’re booked as a guest on a popular talk show. With the right training, you’ll be well-equipped to tell your story persuasively in print, online, or live on camera.

Media training isn’t just for top executives in big companies. Quite the opposite, really. There are more media outlets now than ever before, and all of them need compelling content and good sources. If you have positioned yourself as a credible expert, or your business has an interesting story to tell, you need to be ready for that call. Rice Communications can help you develop the poise you need to stay on message and communicate effectively in virtually any situation, including a crisis.

In addition to traditional media coaching, we also offer training sessions in a wide range of marketing communication disciplines. These flexible workshops are an especially good alternative for small businesses for whom hiring a communications manager or retaining a consultant just aren’t viable options. If you need to learn what it takes to handle basic public relations on your own, manage your social media presence, or spend your advertising dollars wisely, give us a call. We can customize a training program for the needs of your business.

Rice Communications offers the following Training and Coaching services:

  • Pre-Interview Coaching
  • Press Conference Preparation
  • Crisis Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Workshops
  • Public Relations for Small Business
  • Developing Your Marketing Communications Plan