What IS public relations, anyway?

Public Relations (or PR) is the strategic management of information and how it is communicated. The goal of PR is to provide information that’s beneficial both for the audience (because it gives them something interesting, informative, or entertaining) and the source (because it builds credibility and goodwill). Successful public relations improves reputation and increases visibility for businesses or individuals.

Traditional media management, including press releases and story pitches, is still a component of most PR plans, but the development of online content – like blogs, videos, and social media posts – is becoming increasingly important in communication and branding. Public relations is usually considered to be part of a broader sales-focused marketing plan, and it should be developed to complement paid advertising and other marketing efforts.

This is what we do.

Rice Communications specializes in helping businesses and individuals craft compelling stories about their products and services, and then we utilize our media expertise to get those stories in front of the people who need to see them. Whether your target audience gets its information from traditional news outlets, trade or business publications, online sources, or any combination, we have the skills and experience to develop a strategic communication plan to increase your profile and grow your business.

We are a public relations, publicity, and marketing communications consulting firm based in West Hartford, Connecticut. Rice Communications primarily serves clients in greater New York City and southern New England, but we can provide consulting and/or training sessions to businesses anywhere.

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