iStock_000048138124_FullPublic relations has always been the business of storytelling. Not so long ago, that meant figuring out how to tell your story to reporters in traditional media — and then hoping they’d turn around and tell it to everyone else. While the traditional channels like newspapers, magazines, radio and television still play a vital role in the media landscape, that world has now expanded to include digital channels that you can own and regulate.

That means you now have the power to tell your own story. You can exercise greater control over how you and your business are perceived than ever before. Rice Communications will show you how.

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If you did the following, how much could you increase profits and grow your business?

  • Increased your visibility and brand awareness with integrated marketing communications
  • Created compelling content marketing to drive website traffic and position your business as a leader and innovator
  • Effectively utilized social media to publicize your products and services to a willing and receptive audience
  • Exercised control over your reputation and the perception of your brand
  • Committed to a communication plan designed to give you more and better exposure than your competitors

It might sound intimidating, but it absolutely is doable. Whether you are a small business owner, a solo entrepreneur, or the marketing director of a multimillion dollar corporation, the tools are available for you to start utilizing the media — both traditional and digital — to get your message in front of the people who need to see it.

Telling your story is key to business growth today. This is the first step.